Sydney Beach Homes
Sydney Beach Homes


Natalie and Mitch wanted to contemporize their home with a complete renovation, with an adaptable, low-maintenance, and child-friendly layout.

We stripped and renovated every room in the house, as well as modernising external finishes and landscaping the garden.

Interestingly, this whole project was completed while our clients were living in Singapore, so they had a beautifully renovated property to come home to, and the entire project was completed with communications over Zoom and email.

We love the combination of fluted glass, with bleached, limewashed floorboards, and Italian tiles. And the easy-care Palm Springs cactus landscaping conspires to capture that contemporary lifestyle feel.

Right on schedule

Natalie and Mitch were very excited with their new home, and were very grateful it was completed on schedule, allowing them to move in a few days before Christmas.


If you have a block of land just waiting for your dream home, a dated property you’d like to knock down and re-build, a home that needs a little TLC and a new lease of life with a full renovation - or even if you’re not exactly sure which way to go, and would just like some advice, we’d love to hear from you, and we’re here help.